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New Characters were created by Tas and Leon.

April 1, 2024

my nephews illustrated two characters and wanted to see them drawn up properly their imaginations thought up Finley McFly and Douglas Fredrick aka Bob

I hope they meet their expectations as their imaginations exceeded my expectations! I think that both characters could be developed into something spectacular. They will be in The Nose Family children’s book series I hope that their names be promoted and spread to all illustrators and animators

Below they are both professionally illustrated and animated – moving around just a little. I will add them to my next book so keep an eye out and see if you can spot them.

So I would like to introduce Finley Mcfly and Bob AKA Douglas Fredrick.

Illustrated by Tas Andrea

illustrated by Leon Andrea

These two characters started as ideas thought up by my awesome nephews, sketches then beneath is the process of illustration that time to get just right.

Both characters designed and created

Now we need their back story to give them depth, Ideas let me know.

Douglas Fredrick.

From the imagination of Leon Andrea.

Finley Mcfly

From the imagination of Tas Andrea

Your imagination can create magic and that magic can inspire people to create something new and unique. Anything is possible with our thoughts and dreams so keep dreaming and using your imagination.


#thenosefamily #kids #newideas

Thanks, Tas and Leon