Activities and Workshops

The Nose Family Workshops

Do you work in a school, library, book shop or community group? Why not arrange a book signing and workshop with author, Costas Andreou?

Bring the magic of The Nose Family to life with a fun workshop. Activities include book read alongs, games, create a character competitions and more. There are giveaways up for grabs and prizes to be won!

Get in touch to discuss hosting a book signing and workshop.

The Nose Family Activity Sheets

Get stuck in with The Nose Family and the residents of Nose Town! They have created some fun activities for you to print off and try at home.

Have a go at the colouring sheets, see if you can get through the maze and are you able to find all 8 differences in our spot the difference pages?

The Nose Family Colouring Sheets

Here are some fun pictures of the Nose Family and Nose Town residents to download and colour in. Use pencils, pens or paints to express your creativity!

The Nose Family

Mini Nose’s Bedroom

Nose Town

Mrs Nose and Mini Nose

Nose Town Library

Mrs Nose in the attic

The Nose Family Mazes

Can you find your way through all of the mazes? Download the sheets and have a go.

Spot the Difference with The Nose Family

Can you find the 8 things that are missing in each of our Spot the Difference activity sheets? Download the sheets below and see how many you can find!

Mini Nose and the red balloon

Mini Nose’s Bedroom

Nose Town

The Nose Family

The Nose Farmers and Nose Builders

The Nose Residents