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Meet the Characters

Mr. Nose

Mr Nose is like no other Nose in Nose Town, being an only child and growing up in a children’s home. He always tried to be independent and self-sufficient he loves reading and helping others.

He is very kind but a bit boring but that’s how he likes it, boring!!!

Mrs. Nose

Mrs Nose grew up with a large family. And the most amazing, little mysterious great-gran who disappeared long long ago without a trace. Mrs Nose loves to keep busy and gets a bit nosy and bored when she has nothing to do, she likes excitement.

Mini Nose

Mini Nose is like all young noses in Nose town she is very keen to do well. She just found a passion for painting drawing and sketching. And in a short time has become very well know for painting in Nose town. She loves to relax in the park with the other young Noses in town and imagine what to paint next.

The Mayor of Nose Town

The Mayor of Nose Town is an orphan who loves to challenge himself to do better than everyone. He loves doing well and he loves being a show-off. Not everyone in Nose Town likes The Mayor.

The Bird

Hi everyone my name is Kiki, and I’m on every illustration. I do my best to find the most amazing hiding spot, so sometimes I find it hard to even find myself! But sometimes, it can be really easy to spot me! Please do your best to find me, when you spot me shout out ‘Kiki’. Thanks for finding me. xoxo

Scruffy Nose

Scruffy Nose is a simple honest little nose in Nose Town.

He is always very happy and grateful even the simplest things make Scruffy feel lucky He is always ready to help any nose in town.

Everyone likes Scruffy Nose.