Meet the Author

Costas Andreou

I was born in North London into a Cypriot family. I have two sisters and more relatives than stars in the sky.

My family left London in the eighties and moved to Norfolk in where we opened a restaurant called the Burger House then later Georges famous diner.

I was very lucky in my youth and had fantastic support from my family. Unfortunately, in my teens, I was attacked and the outcome, according to doctors led to Epilepsy and some years later Multiple Sclerosis. Some days can be really hard, but I am happy and always fighting to stay as healthy as possible so I can spend time with my amazing wife and 2 young boys.

They say it’s never too late to try something new!

The Nose Family is my first published work and 2 more sequels are on the way!


My inspiration for the book came from a drawing I made in school 30 years ago.

My imagination was flooded with images of a town full of these characters and the amazing adventures and fun they could have.

From sketches to print