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The Nose Family

June 13, 2024
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New Characters were created by Tas and Leon.

April 1, 2024
my nephews illustrated two characters and wanted to see them drawn up properly their imaginations thought up Finley McFly and Douglas Fredrick aka BobI hope they meet their expectations as their imaginations exceeded my expectations! I think that both characters could be developed into somet…

Great Yarmouth Libary

March 8, 2024
Drop in and draw Tuesdays at With the Noses ????The Drop-in and draw Tuesday, was a nice hour of drawing with pastels, but any type of art was involved. There was someone with a need and thread.My attempt at pastel art.It was informative, relaxing and enjoyable hour so if anyon…

New merch coming soon?

February 15, 2024

Equal lives

January 9, 2024
The Nose Family support the Equal Lives organisation in a big way as they do so much to help people who live with life-changing conditions.The whole world should teach children from a young age that differently-abled people can function and contribute to society in a big way! So the next…

What’s New with the Noses⁉️

December 12, 2023
Out Now the 3rd Nose Family BookThe magical golden pen is finally found, and someone’s dream turns into a real nightmare for all of Nose Town. Till Mrs Nose comes to the rescue for the 3rd time.Good luck in finding the little yellow bird which is getting more tricky to find as promised…

3d models

November 17, 2023
The Marvel of BillsonBuffThe Nose Family have been lucky enough to have come across the most amazing 3D design & printing and production uniqueness and creativity of BillonBuff is absolutely amazing!BillsonBuff is incredible! The Nose…

The Nose Family Snow Day is here!

November 16, 2023
Finally the 3rd in the series is here!We have amaizing story that unfolds, the magical golden pen is found.But this time by someone who already has everything they could possibly need.The magical golden pen gets used, and things start with fun and games but start to go terribly…

More to organising.

November 15, 2023
The Nose Family where lucky to meet Kathryn Lord at the 2023 Clean and Tidy show.❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ AndreouKathryn’s work and passion have won awards she has been featured in OK maga…

Brilliant Workshop!!

October 29, 2023
The Nose Family came to Great Yarmouth Into – University and Met some incredible talent!Really amaizing young artists with wonderful potential.We created wonderful and original characters!Great Yarmouth and upcoming talent.The Nose Family children’s book author enjoyed …

Kids Zone at The Clean&Tidy Home Show 2023

October 24, 2023
Clean & Tidy Home Show 2023 Incredible Amazing brands with New and Original ideas. The Kids Zone was a fantastic part of the show & child-friendly space ?Opening of The Clean and Tidy Home Show 2023 ????WOW moments at the show?❤️WOW moments at the show?❤️WO…

Clean & Tidy Home Show

August 25, 2023 be at the show ??The Clean&Tidy Home Show has invited The Nose Family along to their event on 14&15 October….

We’ve been featured on

August 3, 2023
Extract: “Today, we have a set of guest printables from The Nose Family, a series of books written by Costas Andreou. There are a few Nose Family books which have been written by Costas”Read the full feature here.The Nose Family has been featured on Kiddy charts!???https://www.kid…

Can you spot all the differences?

July 31, 2023
Please find them all and let me know how many there are.Go to: and let me know. ?The activity page will have lots more free stuff soon,A glimpse of The Nose Family Snow Day colouring page, Book 3 coming soon!Have a NOSE Day.Ch…


June 25, 2023
Norwich, Spixworth ❤️The Nose Family had a splendid Day ❤️We had a fun enjoyable day with lots of things happening at the market.From cakes, sweets, woodwork, crafts, lacework, and amazing produce from local farmers. It was something to see. Thank you all for allowing me …