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Clean & Tidy Home Show

August 25, 2023
https://cleanandtidyhomeshow.seetickets.com/event/clean-tidy-home-show/excel-london/2427586www.thenosefamily.comhttps://www.cleanandtidyhomeshow.com/Will be at the show 🎉🐥The Clean&Tidy Home Show has invited The Nose Family along to their event on 14&15 October….

We’ve been featured on kiddycharts.com

August 3, 2023
Extract: “Today, we have a set of guest printables from The Nose Family, a series of books written by Costas Andreou. There are a few Nose Family books which have been written by Costas”Read the full feature here.The Nose Family has been featured on Kiddy charts!💖💖💖https://www.kid…

Can you spot all the differences?

July 31, 2023
Please find them all and let me know how many there are.Go to: https://www.facebook.com/thenosefamily/ and let me know. 💖The activity page will have lots more free stuff soon,A glimpse of The Nose Family Snow Day colouring page, Book 3 coming soon!Have a NOSE Day.Ch…


June 25, 2023
Norwich, Spixworth ❤️The Nose Family had a splendid Day ❤️We had a fun enjoyable day with lots of things happening at the market.From cakes, sweets, woodwork, crafts, lacework, and amazing produce from local farmers. It was something to see. Thank you all for allowing me …

Heather Avenue Infant School

June 6, 2023
https://www.wensumtrust.org.uk/heatheravenueHad a visit from The Nose Family today! 5/6/23All incredible pupils!Watching both Ebooks available on the website – https://thenosefamily.com/shop/The Pupils then gave their expert opinions on the animation that was c…

Dixy’s Storytime World😍🎉

May 26, 2023
The Nose Family has been added to Dixy’s storytime word YouTube channel Please take a look ❤️😍 HAVE A NOSE DAY! 🙂❤️ Part 2 of the series of The The Nose Family Adventures http://kck.st/3ANSrEtBooks 3 & 4 Will be Published…

The Nose Family

May 4, 2023
Attention parents! Are you looking for a captivating book series that will delight your children and fuel their imaginations? Look no further than the Nose Family! This series is specifically designed for children aged 3-8, with magical illustrations that are sure to captivate their attentio…


April 25, 2023
Nose Family Book Signing and Activities at Norwich Forum: A Fun-Filled SaturdayAre you looking for a fun activity to do this Saturday in Norwich? Look no further than the Nose family book signing at the Norwich Forum! This exciting event will be packed with plenty of activities to ge…


April 1, 2023
WATCHING THE 2 ANIMATED eBOOKS.SEARCHING FOR THE LITTLE YELLOW BIRD.The pupils were incredible. They all sat and gave their attention as the two book-animated eBooks were on the screen.After, the pupils gave me their opinions of the animated previews that were created in 2D a…

The Nose Family: A Children’s Book That Teaches Empathy and Acceptance

March 13, 2023
The Nose Family: A Magical Children’s Book About Acceptance and ImaginationAre you looking for a children’s book that combines the magic of imagination with important lessons about acceptance and empathy? Look no further than “The Nose Family,” a delightful book that follows the adventur…


January 31, 2023
Sophie Tate BlogsCheck out some of the new features and activities on The Nose Family Website.Check out some of the new features and activities on The Nose Family Website.Welcome to the exciting world of Nose Town and now there are even more ways to get involved with The Nose Family….

The series continues…

January 2, 2023
The Nose family 2023Happy New Year From The Nose Family and all of Nose Town!!I hope to have book 3 out this year.The series will continue, till The Nose Family cartoon series is known all across the world.There is no stopping The Noses!Since I, Costas Andreou, started this…

BBC Voices – Outreach, Development, Production

December 14, 2022
Sophie-Ludkin-on-Twitter_-_Amazing-to-have-@andreou_costa-on-@BBCUpload-this-evening-talking-about-his-journey-into-childrens-literature_-_-Twitter-1DownloadHope to have a “NETFLIX” cartoon series as the new and original idea of “The Nose Family” is such a fun all inclusive series every…

The Nose Family Scruffy’s Lucky Day

November 4, 2022
Look at this! Have fun!https://kidliomag.com/category/book-review/Welcome back to The Nose Town kid’s book series.On our last visit to Nose Town, where all the noses are happy and busy, we met the Nose Family. Mr. Nose, Mrs. Nose, and Mini Nose. After Mrs. Nose finds a m…

Nose Town

October 12, 2022
Just another ordinary day in Nose Town… or is it?The noses of Nose Town are all soon to be surprised when the most amazing things start to happen – and all when something incredible, magical and golden shows up.My First scetch illustratedSome families are just …