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3d models

November 17, 2023

The uniqueness and creativity of BillonBuff is absolutely amazing!

BillsonBuff is incredible! The Nose Family Characters were brought to life.


Standing at an hight of 150mm

Mrs Nose

Standing at a hight of 130mm

Mini Nose standing at 105mm

At the heart of BillsonBuff’s magic is Will, the creative genius behind the intricate details of the Nose Family characters. Will’s artistic prowess is nothing short of amazing, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence in every paintstroke.

Each Nose Family character, meticulously crafted by BillsonBuff, boasts splendid detail. The uniqueness of each character is accentuated, making them stand out as distinct and captivating collectables.

BillsonBuff’s collaboration with the Nose Family has redefined my vision. The studio’s transformative influence has opened up new possibilities for character development and storytelling, enriching the Nose Family universe.❤️

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