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January 31, 2023

Sophie Tate Blogs

Check out some of the new features and activities on The Nose Family Website.

Check out some of the new features and activities on The Nose Family Website.
Welcome to the exciting world of Nose Town and now there are even more ways to get involved with The Nose Family. Have a nosey around our website and see what new and fun
things you can do. Immerse yourself into the world of Nose Town. You’ll be super busy with the activities on
offer, so why not try…

Colouring sheets

Add a little colour to the world with our Nose Family colouring sheets. With a number of
options, you can choose the perfect sheet for you to add some colour.

Add some colour to Mini Nose’s bedroom, or colour in the amazing castle from Scruffy’s Lucky day.


You might want to navigate your way through one of our Nose Town mazes, explore your way to the Golden Pen or maybe you can help Scratchy the Pooch find his way home.

Spot the difference

Have you got an eye for detail?

Why don’t you try out one of our spot the difference

Search and find

Why not help the noses out and find the yellow bird in the search and find tasks?

The yellow
the bird keeps moving and it’s your job to help the noses find it.

Who will find the…
The bird, the golden pen?

I don’t know… Check out the ‘Who will find the..’ activity to find

It’s your job to follow the path and find out which nose gets there first.

Numbers with the noses

And finally, show off your mathematics skills and help the noses out with theirs.

Which activity are you going to do first?


See you soon with more challenges to kick

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