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The series continues…

January 2, 2023

The Nose family 2023

Happy New Year From The Nose Family and all of Nose Town!!

I hope to have book 3 out this year.

The series will continue, till The Nose Family cartoon series is known all across the world.

There is no stopping The Noses!

Since I, Costas Andreou, started this project of The Noses Family, I have had no illusion of how far I could take this wonderful, beautiful, and colourful world of The Noses.

I’ve written 10 stories that get better and better. I believe in this so much that nothing will stop me and my dream of having a beautifully animated original cartoon series for The Whole World to enjoy!

And, for generations to grow up and love. Being severely disabled with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy has only given me more drive to complete my dream.

I believe in writing to express my deepest feelings, and to provide an escape from my physical well-being where I have no illness and my imagination can make me. So many other people take themselves away from any problems and enjoy the wonderfully funny, and magical world of the Noses.

We are now on display in the Forum Libary Norwich!

Please go and have a little look ?


The series will continue with Book 4 The Nose Missing Golden Pen

Children’s Books, Children’s imaginations, Kids forever, Read aloud, Kidsbookshelf

I am hoping to be one of the world’s best Kids’ book series.

Kids 3 to 9 books

Click the link below to find both the first and second in the series ?

We will be right back‼️ ❤️???

To all who support The Nose Family Thank You.?