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Nose Town

October 12, 2022

Just another ordinary day in Nose Town… or is it?

The noses of Nose Town are all soon to be surprised when the most amazing things start to happen – and all when something incredible, magical and golden shows up.

Some families are just unlucky and some get easily bored, in a situation where every day is the same. And so their lives get so repetitive every day ending up just like the day before. Not finding anything in their own lives to make them happy, they start nosing around. Everyone in town becomes a target…

Mr&Mrs Nose start Nosing around and it became an everyday event for them they wouldn’t stop staring at anyone just passing their house. They were known in and around Noses Town for being the most nosy noses in town!

Nosing at everyone

One of the Nose family finds something and it changes the family and all of Nose Town forever! Some think it is incredible some think it is dangerous.

Take a look. ????

Is this too much power for Nose Town to have????

Put your opinion down below.

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