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The Nose Family Scruffy’s Lucky Day

November 4, 2022

Look at this! Have fun!

Welcome back to The Nose Town kid’s book series.

On our last visit to Nose Town, where all the noses are happy and busy, we met the Nose Family. Mr. Nose, Mrs. Nose, and Mini Nose. After Mrs. Nose finds a magical pen and causes chaos when everything she writes down on paper appears, she decides to keep it in a safe place. That is until she misplaces the pen and it falls into the wrong hands…

Now it’s time to meet a new family in Nose Town and find out what happens with the golden pen next.

The Scruffy Family

Introducing one of Nose Town’s oldest families, the Scruffy family. They live on the edge of Nose town in a very small old house. Their house is the messiest house in town, but they don’t care what the other noses think.

In the Scruffy family, there is…

Scruffy is the smallest member of the Scruffy family. As much as Scruffy tries, he is always late for school as he lives the furthest away. Scruffy is sick and tired of living in his tiny house and always being late and hopes that one day he and his family can live in the middle of town in a big and tidy house.

Mr. Scruff spends his days collecting junk around town in hopes of finding something special. It’s very important for him to provide for his family and make sure they have everything they need. His job means he collects a lot of items which clutters up the Scruffy family’s house. He tries to spread out the junk in all the bins in Nose town, however, a lot of the other noses in town don’t like this. He tries his absolute hardest, but sometimes it’s just not enough.

Mrs. Scruff loves her family and spends her days looking after them. Each night she makes sure they have a nice meal on the table and on most nights heats up Scruffy’s dinner when he’s late home from school. She tries to keep the house as tidy as possible but that’s very difficult when they have so much junk.

Grandpa and Grandma Scruff live under the same roof as the rest of the Scruffy family. As they got older, they needed the help of their family and moved into the already very small house. It’s a tight squeeze, but you never turn your back on family.

And last, but not least…

Scratchy the pooch is the smelliest dog in Nose town. He likes to disappear and explore the town. Every nose in Nose town knows Scratchy as he can be seen (and smelt) all around the town. When he disappears, he can be gone for hours, sometimes days, and one time, even a week! Although Scratchy will always go home to his family.

Scratchy the pooch

Scruffy’s Lucky Day

In Nose town’s next story, we get to learn more about the Scruffy family and how Scruffy struggles to live in such a small house so far away from school. He’s sick and tired of living in such a mess and hopes that one day everything will change for him and his family. On one ordinary day, Scruffy finds the golden pen without knowing its power and uses it for his homework. The task is to draw his dream home and suddenly everything changes for the Scruffy family…

Let me write.

The Golden Pen

Stay tuned because the whereabouts of the golden pen are forgotten about until the Nose town’s next adventure and this time, the whole town changes.

Book three is coming soon…

Play with us. Look at this. Read me.

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