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More to organising.

November 15, 2023

The Nose Family where lucky to meet Kathryn Lord at the 2023 Clean and Tidy show. Andreou

Nine years ago, I changed from being a teacher to a Nanny and on the playground, parents and other nannies would ask what books I used and what activities I did, and that’s how my first book ‘More to Books’ was born. 

I was always organising children’s playrooms and bedrooms but during the lockdown, I was caring for children of a divorced family, so was taking the children from house to house with science projects, homework books and PE equipment.

I noticed the more organised I was, the more the children thrived and the easier the lives got for the parents too!

I actually sent photographs of the decluttering and systems I had created to the Mum and joked I would give up nannying and become a Professional Organiser.

Never a truer word is said in jest, as ‘More to Organising’ the business and the book was put in November 2021!

I haven’t given up nannying entirely, and have had an after-school role since then too, as I love working with children and it informs my business and writing. I organise rooms and routines with children in mind and now I get to support even more families. 

One of the routines all families seemed to struggle with was mealtimes. As a nanny, I have used mealtimes to help children learn important life skills but also, using my teaching degree and Master’s as well as my experiences as a teacher, I bring learning to life through food. I am also passionate about supporting children to have a healthy relationship with food and to think about sustainability. ‘More to Mealtimes’ came out in September 2023. 

My books are directed at parents, nannies and practitioners, so the learning is with the adults. My wish is to encourage and empower adults to think about purposeful learning.  The children learn through day-to-day activities. Especially the most recent two books, I am passionate about creating environments that mean children can be autonomous and grow their self-esteem so they have the skills they need for their future. 

I am focussing on workshops for Nurseries, schools and parents. I have collaborated with Action Amanda for Physical Development, Health and Well-being workshops in setting and with Amanda Littlecot, Clear Bubble Photo Organiser, for parent workshops on well-being, creativity and digital. 

I am about to speak at Nourish, which is an event with Jenny McDonald, on how to organise your kitchen to save time and money. 

I will be at Nursery World and Child Ed Expo and I am in talks with The Ideal Home Show about speaking on their stage. 

As well as the books and workshops, I organise family homes to help children become more independent and make family life easier. 

Follow me on Instagram @more_to_organising and head to for more information. 

Her work made such a big impact in August 2022 Kathryn won Organising Coach of the Year and Best Newcomer. ????

Just one of her many 5-star book reviews:

Easy to read and full of excellent examples of real-life situations with children that feel manageable in a busy parent’s life.
Many of the strategies used are also relevant to professional contexts and promote speech and language development, going hand in hand with therapy strategies.
The book’s style ensures an engaging read, with interesting anecdotes and practical ideas throughout!

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Kathryn’s work is such an inspiration to so many families young and old, and can help so many more don’t wait to buy her work and help people declutter, organise, and live better lives.

There is more to what has been taught – find out the rest with Kathryn Lord

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