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Heather Avenue Infant School

June 6, 2023

Had a visit from The Nose Family today! 5/6/23

All incredible pupils!

Watching both Ebooks available on the website –

The Pupils then gave their expert opinions on the animation that was created for The cartoon series, it was unanimous that 3D will be used to create the Cartoon series!

The School was gifted the first 2 books of the series for the school library. ?

So the children can imagine what they would do if they had a chance to use The Magical Golden Pen!

The school also was left with some wonderful activities some from the Noses website, and others soon to be added to the site.

At the end of School, the author was signing books for the Children and gives out postcards, bookmarks, stickers, and activity sheets to do at home. Everyone loves to spot the difference. ❤️

Heather Avenue Infant School pupils with the author of The Nose Family

The children loved the stories.

A message from the head teacher…

Thank you for your time this afternoon – it was lovely to meet you both and hear all about your stories. The children loved them!

Thanks and Best wishes


Stacey Coleman

Head Teacher

Heather Avenue Infant School

01603 426438

‘Preparing Children for

a Bright Future in a

Changing World’

Thank you so much for allowing me to come to your school and speak to so many incredible and Amazing Children who will become incredible Amazing Adults. (sooner than we think)

Costas Andreou

Thank you all for your love of Noses ?

Please contact us if your school would like to have a visit from the Author. ❤️

Have a NOSE Day.

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