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Hope to have a “NETFLIX” cartoon series as the new and original idea of “The Nose Family” is such a fun all inclusive series everyone will enjoy!

The Start of a long and wonderful journey for The Nose Family.❤️?

Best Newest Children book series out now.

The Nose Family book series is out now in all of the best bookstores.

Nose Town was always so nosy until one day a most amazing and magical Golden pen was found.

All the Noses of Nose Town became so incredibly fascinated with its magic and wondered what will happen next??

Who “nose” What will happen next?

The most Wonderous things start to happen in The Beautiful Town of Noses. When the golden pen is found.

From a small little balloon,

To a huge and magnificent castle❗

Anything is possible with the magic of the Golden pen❗Pick up your copy now and prepare to be encapsulated with wonder at the noses of Nose Town. They are all different and have different plans for The Golden Pen.

Who Nose Book

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A long time ago, there lived a family…
A family of noses…
They were like no other nose family, they were interested in other noses’ lives.
Some would say they were nosy.

The Nose Family is a new and original children’s book series for all the family to enjoy.

Children 3 years to 8 and all the family will love Best kids books GoodReads 5 stars!

Written and created by Costas Andreou.

The story begins in Nose Town where the nose family is so interested in everyone else’s lives apart from their own.

But times are changing, the noses are starting to busy themselves in their own lives with jobs and hobbies that they learn to love!

With beautifully vivid illustrations children will be immersed in the wonderful world of the noses.

KIKI will be in every The Nose Family book

For parents whose children sometimes get a little distracted when it comes time to read, there is KIKI the incredible little bird that likes to get up to mischief in every illustration!

The challenge is to find KIKI on every page while the story is being told. Sometimes he is easy to find but sometimes a little tricky!